Manuela Luchtmeijer 2024


In my artwork I favor purity and stylization, seeking to bring my subject back to the essential. My way of drawing is inspired by Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, whose fluid gestures can also be found in my painting techniques . My works, often presented in the form of a series, develops a vision that is narrative as well as symbolic and imaginary, proposing several layers of lecture, navigating freely between abstraction and figuration.

I seek to develop a poetic language and feed my universe not only with my own experiences and dreams but also by exploring themes of nature, mythology, literature, and human relationships (or conditions).

 MANUELA LUCHTMEIJER – painter / artist

I was born on a sunny Sunday morning in the spring of the early 70s in a small provincial town known for its windmills, in the Netherlands. My mother always likes to tell how, still a baby, I watched very closely the rays of the sun dancing in my room and the colorful toys I held up and turned silently in my tiny hands. When I grew up, I had my nose in a book if I wasn't drawing or tinkering, and I painted my first canvases as a teenager, having created a small studio corner in my young girl's room. Everything was a source of reflection or dream support during my childhood. I haven’t changed; I'm one of those who never get bored.

At the age of 19, with my high school diploma in my pocket, I followed my wildest ambitions and left my native country to settle in Paris. A few hard and exhilarating years followed; I had to fend for myself financially while taking Japanese classes at INALCO and evening classes at the Beaux-Arts in Paris. It was impossible for me to choose, languages have always fascinated me as much as art. I speak several and continue to study them today.

At the same time, I worked for five years at the Louvre museum as a reception agent to finance my studies. I spent many breaks drawing ancient sculptures or making copies of paintings. Even today, I can mentally visualise entire rooms and name the present works. Those years taught me to really observe and draw, under the gaze of those great masters who always encouraged me to do better, to try again, while making me feel so small. That hasn't changed either….

After graduating, I was caught up in a fast-paced professional life in the translation world. Being multilingual and rather versatile, I was quickly taken up into management positions and had the incredible luck to travel all over the world. The landscapes I saw and the people I met still inspire me today.

But, while I liked the challenges of international professional life, I increasingly lacked the time to draw and paint. In 2005, I decided to follow my heart and quit to be free to create. I had to find out if this crazy dream of becoming a full-time artist was just that, a crazy dream, or ... the life I needed to fully accomplish myself, as I had always been convinced deep inside.

In 2006, I had my first solo exhibition in a gallery in Paris and I have never looked back. I have exhibited regularly since, and my works can now be found with collectors around the world. My studio is at Montmartre (Paris) where I also work as a graphic designer, but nothing beats the complicity that I share with my paintings, alone in my imaginary world.

For me creating is exploring and searching, I constantly question myself, but never about the fact that my place in this world is to make it, in all modesty, more beautiful. To think and to make others think, and to try, line after line, stroke after stroke, to bring my dreams to life in order to share them with you.