MANUELA LUCHTMEIJER – painter / artist

Manuela Luchtmeijer was born in the Netherlands where she grew up in the 70s and 80s, her nose in books, a pencil in her hands and her head in the clouds (while having her feet firmly planted on the ground). Her dreams and ambitions brought her to France at the age of 19, where she combined a training in visual arts (notably at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris) with studies of Japanese at INALCO. Polyglot and versatile, Manuela first made a career in the world of translation, giving her the opportunity to travel all around the world and to meet people who still inspire her today.

In 2004 she decides to follow her heart, resigns and has devoted herself since to her artwork and graphic design in her studio in Montmartre. In 2006 Manuela organized her first solo exhibition in a gallery in Paris and is having shows regularly since. Today her works can be found with collectors all over the world.


In my artwork I favor purity and stylization, seeking to bring my subject back to the essential. My way of drawing is inspired by Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, whose fluid gestures can also be found in my painting techniques . My works, often presented in the form of a series, develops a vision that is narrative as well as symbolic and imaginary, proposing several layers of lecture, navigating freely between abstraction and figuration.

I seek to develop a poetic language and feed my universe not only with my own experiences and dreams but also by exploring themes of nature, mythology, literature, and human relationships (or conditions).