SKY (work in progress)

The world of culture has been very strongly impacted by the lockdowns imposed by Covid-19 since March 2020. As a painter in Paris, I felt doubly confined: all my exhibitions were canceled and I found myself prisoned in the big city, between four walls. Taking refuge as much as possible in my studio next to my appartment in Montmartre, I started to create a sky I no longer could see. An open window to an imagined freedom, my way to keep breathing.

The SKY series was born.

The series consists mainly of (very) large format canvases. For this series, I let myself be inspired, among others, by the famous cloudy skies of the Dutch masters through the centuries and the Northern skies in general. 

The SKY series is still being created. First exhibition scheduled for 2023.


Some examples of my studies, some of which are preambles for the (very) large canvases. I usually make them quite quickly in acrylic paint, in one session directly on canvas, after my photos or on site, in front of the landscape. They are my sketches in paint.


Imposing and cloudy skies above the IJssel river in the Netherlands in spring 2022. A small series of studies painted on site under the north wind.

“Looking out (for you)”, étude, acrylique sur toile, Manuela Luchtmeijer 2022
“Going Dutch” et “Dutch Spring I – II – III”, études, acrylique sur toile, Manuela Luchtmeijer 2022