The term mono-type indicates that there is no possible reproduction, as is the case with classic prints; it's a single unique print which borrows only certain techniques from typography. However, it is possible to print several in a row; the first print will be clear while the following ones will be more and more "blurry" and less noticeable. The monotype is a very liberating technique, leaving a lot of room for spontaneity. Personally, I really like experimenting with this process and being surprised by the always unexpected results.

Underwater Love (2021)


When thoughts and dreams are tumbling around the heart.

BLUE (2019)

Quelques monotypes abstraits de la série « Blue ». Il n’y a pas de sujet précis, ces estampes légères sont le résultat d’une recherche picturale très libre, créant des « bulles d’air » joyeuses qui m’ont plu.